Handmade Leather Whippet Collars & Leads

Every dog needs a good quality collar in their life. The vast number of whippets wear a collar on a daily basis so it is important to get the choice right. Many of these collars will be worn to hold identification tags, some will be worn on long walks, and many are simply bought to be worn as a design statement. What is important is that you choose a handmade leather whippet collar that is available in the appropriate size to guarantee the right fit. 

The appearance of a dog says a lot about the level of effort and management that a dog owner puts into their care. When you buy the best dog collar for you whippet, you are not only helping to make your dog look happy and smart, but you are also demonstrating that you care about the security of your dog. Luckily, a really good dog collar can be purchased with the look and feel of one that is so much more expensive right here at Dapper Doggie. 

As you can see, a good quality dog collar can also be fashionable, durable and match your dog’s unique personality. Our range of handmade leather whippet dog collars are just perfect and would look fantastic on your whippet. Our dogs leads are also available in our super soft Italian leather.